Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity and Inclusion




Diversity is part of our recipe for success

We value diversity and strive to nurture an inclusive and equitable work environment. Employees, contractors and vendors from diverse backgrounds, identities, genders, religions, abilities and cultures are supported at all of our operations.


Lundin Mining Corporation is a global company and we believe our workforce should reflect the diversity of the countries and communities in which we operate. Lundin Mining believes that diversity promotes the inclusion of different perspectives and ideas, encourages independent thinking and ensures that the Company benefits from all available talent. Lundin Mining values the benefits that diversity can bring to its Board of Directors , members of senior management and employees of the Company and its subsidiaries. This commitment to diversity and inclusion contributes to making our Company a more successful business and employer of choice.


At Lundin Mining it is our objective to behave according to our values, to embrace diversity and inclusion, and to foster a culture based on merit and free of conscious and unconscious bias. We strive to achieve:

  • a diverse and skilled workforce at all levels of the Company reflective of the talent available in the areas we operate;
  • a respectful work environment where our employees honour differences in backgrounds, experiences and perspectives;
  • elimination of any systemic biases that are exclusive or could be a barrier to the selection, assessment, or professional development of diverse talent;
  • engagement practices that value the perspectives of diverse stakeholders in the communities where we operate;
  • investment in community initiatives that reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • awareness in all staff of their rights and responsibilities with regards to fairness, equity and respect for all aspects of diversity;
  • zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment in our workplaces; and
  • the maintenance of confidential and, if desired, anonymous mechanisms for our employees, contractors and external stakeholders to report actual or suspected incidents of unlawful discrimination and harassment without fear of retaliation or reprisal.